Vital health is natural. Sickness, loss of vitality and disease are not inevitable…

Tap into the gentle, yet powerful nature of herbal and nutritional approaches to vibrant health. Fresh, organic, nutrient dense foods and herbs have been used successfully for centuries to bring  the body back into a state of balance. Sickness, loss of vitality and disease are not inevitable, even in today’s challenging environment.

Weston Price, D.D.S. and Doctor Bernard Jensen discovered that longevity and aging gracefully was the norm in many different cultures around the world. Their research gives us some excellent resources for living life fully, in excellent health and longevity.

In today’s world, it can be really challenging to sustain vibrant health at any age. It is absolutely essential to protect and strengthen our immune systems, develop healthy habits and exercise often. It is really very natural and exciting to learn how to nourish our bodies with  fresh, organic, seasonal, nutrient-dense, local and sustainable foods whenever possible,  so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. Here in California, we have access to some of the most amazing, fresh, organic  foods. Farmer’s Markets and Natural Co-ops. Health Food stores and Produce Markets abound.


So many choices, Balance is the Key.

In my career, I have studied many types of food therapies including Chinese medicinal food therapies, congees, soups, teas, seaweeds, etc. I had the pleasure of studying Macrobiotic food therapies with French Chef Roxanne Koteles-Smith, who received one of the highest accoulades as a French Chef, and who then studied at the Kushi institute. Her macrobiotic dishes are really yummy and she taught us how to create macrobiotic food that was medicinal and yet delicious, a true art. As a Graduate of Anna Coulter’s Starting Point School, I studied Raw Foods and learned the art of making healthful, organic raw food dishes as a Wellness Cuisine Chef, Level II. I also studied with Thrivin Edibles Chef Patti at Cafe Gratitude in Santa Cruz, CA.

Wheat grass

Because of my herbal background, I’ve learned that whatever food therapy you may resonate with, it is important to listen to your own body and check in from time to time to see how you truly feel. How is your energy level, overall health and immune system? Many times, I’ve noticed clients will get really excited about juicing, or raw foods, or macrobiotics, to the exclusion of all else. As long as you are skilled in knowing what the signs are that tell you things are changing, and what direction they seem to be going in, you can always stay on track. At Herbal Vital Health, these are skills you can easily learn. No matter what your health concerns, a dietary and nutritional plan can be designed for optimum health and healing.