Swedish/Deep Tissue

Zen Tai Shiatsu (Table Shiatsu)

Soft Tissue Release (Intrinsic Touch)

Trigger Point Therapy

Clincal Massage


Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Hand and Foot Reflexology

Polarity and Reiki


Aromatherapy with Essential Oils: Unless a client has allergy concerns or is taking a homeopathic constitutional formula, aromatherapy is always offered and is tailored to the client’s needs and requests. Essential oils may be blended in a special formula to use directly on the client in a massage oil, or in coconut oil, or in a spa diffuser, etc.  A well-designed aromatherapy formula offers the client  a much deeper level of relaxation.

Ginger poultices for stimulating and soothing the kidneys.

Hot or Cold Packs – Heat packs are for relaxing and softening tight muscles. Cold packs are used if there is any redness, or for any type of swelling or inflammation. Massage would not be done on any areas of redness, swelling or inflammation.

Castor oil packs are incredibly therapeutic at softening really tight tendons and muscles (especially for any numbness or tingling in hands or forearms in combination with soft tissue release and trigger point therapies).

Chinese liniments and trauma liniments  can be stimulating, cleansing, warming or cooling.

Herbal Oils such as Arnica, Calendula, Lavender and St. John’s Wort oils are used for bruises and painful muscles. At Herbal Vital Health these oils and salves are prepared using sustainably harvested, organic herbs.

Flower Remedy Gels or drops are offered for relaxation, for joint and muscle pain relief, and for emotional support.

Moxabustion is a method that stimulates the flow of Qi, Blood and Fluid to improve circulation and to warm cold areas of the body. It is highly effective for injuries, such as sprains or trauma. In Traditional Chinese Therapy, moxa is used to remove cold and dampness from the body, to relieve stagnation, support the immune system and to promote normal organ functioning.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy wherein glass or plastic suction cups are placed on the body. The suction is another powerful way to relieve stagnation in the body. Silicon cups are used at Herbal Vital Health for optimum circulation and blood flow.

Gua Sha (a gentle scraping therapy,  preceded by rubbing warm, healing oils on the skin) is used to lift stagnation out of the muscles.

Shirodara is a wonderful Ayurvedic oil treatment to rebalance and soothe the central nervous system, calm anxiety and bring the client into a deeply relaxed state.

Chakra Balancing, Reiki and 432 HZ Music is deeply soothing. I have personally experienced emotional clearing with both chakra balancing and reiki music.  Clients enter into a deeper level of relaxation.

Luxurious Herbal Foot Soaks with essential oils, dried rose petals, lavendar, calendula, etc.

Detoxifying Herbal Foot Soaks with bentonite clay, flower essences, etc.